Upcoming Events

  • Friday, May 1st, 9:30am

    at Silver 1003

    PhD Student Colloquium

    Stephanie Lauer, Seana Lymer, Rani Yeung

  • Monday, May 4th, 4:00pm

    at CGSB Auditorium, 12 Waverly Place

    Monday Seminar Series

    Dr. Nicolas Buchler, Duke University

  • Monday, May 11th, 4:00pm

    at CGSB Auditorium, 12 Waverly Place

    Monday Seminar Series

    Dr. Sam Díaz-Muñoz, NYU Biology

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Spotlight on Education

Biology Open House Fall 2013

Come to the Biology UG Open House to learn about study away opportunities, the new Ecology track, the new GPH/Science major, changes to Bio curriculum, new lab courses, and informal advising. Read More

Facilities & Resources

Freedom Evo 150

The Freedom Evo Robot facilitates high-throughput experiments. Read More


  • Classical models of leading-edge protrusion rely on a Arp2/3-dependent treadmilling of dendritic actin network. However, in the absence of the Arp2/3 complex fibroblast cells maintain an ability to move. Joint work of Mogilner and Rong Li labs shows that cells extend formin-driven filopodia and build actin-myosin arcs in between filopodia, so that contraction of these arcs acting against membrane tension ...

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  • An “education kit” was designed and constructed for disseminating to teaching institutes worldwide a collection of transgenic reporter Arabidopsis plants that allows students to explore the molecular genetics of root development. 

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  • The Scientist Magazine conducts an annual competition to name the top 10 innovations in the life sciences. Tara Rock was asked to be on the judging panel.

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  • A team of scientists has identified the neurons used in certain types of motion detection—findings that deepen our understanding of how the visual system functions.

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  • Idan Efroni developed a method to diagnose the identity of single cells and detect chimeric and transition states of cells undergoing reprogramming.

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People Past and Present

Gloria Coruzzi
Gloria M. Coruzzi


"Studying plant systems biology innovations in nitrogen-use efficiency."

Meet Dr. Coruzzi

Video Spotlight

CGSB Scientist R. Bonneau and IBM Mark Computational Milestone

IBM announced a major computational milestone – surpassing 500,000 CPU years of computer time used by CGSB scientist Richard Bonneau and his Proteome Folding Project. Read More