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2013/14 UG Award Winners

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Aquarius Robot Spotlight

The Aquarius Robot facilitates high-throughput screening. Read More


  • Benjy Neymotin, Niki Athanasiadou and David Gresham have published a new method for measuring rates of RNA degradation and synthesis genome-wide.

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  • David Gresham and PhD student, Jungeui Hong, have published a review of the functional basis of adaptive evolution of yeast and bacteria in chemostats.

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  • David Gresham has published a gold standard yeast gene regulatory network in a study led by Alexander Statnikov at the NYU School of Medicine.

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  • CGSB Assistant Professor Christine Vogel was recently awarded a 4-year NIH grant to model protein expression changes.

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  • Konstantine Tchourine from the Vogel and Bonneau labs has published a computational study in Molecular BioSystems with a team of co-workers.

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Esteban O. Mazzoni

Assistant Professor

"Developing embryonic stem cell differentiation protocols to treat neurodegenerative diseases."

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A video tour of the new Irene Rose Sohn Zegar Memorial Greenhouse

NYU President John Sexton officially dedicated the new Irene Rose Sohn Zegar Memorial Greenhouse at the NYU Center for Genomics and Systems Biology on Wed. October 17th, 2012. Read More