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NYU PhD Program in Biology

Upcoming Events

  • Friday, February 12th, 9:30am

    at Silver Center, Room 1003

    PhD Student Colloquium

    Christopher Hackley & Darach Miller

  • Thursday, February 18th, 6:00pm

    at 805 CGSB, 12 Waverly Pl.

    Evening Evolution Group
  • Friday, February 19th, 9:30am

    at Silver Center, Room 1003

    PhD Student Colloquium

    Joseph Swift & Konstantine Tchourine

  • Monday, February 22nd, 4:00pm

    at CGSB Auditorium, 12 Waverly Place

    Monday Seminar Series

    Nitin Baliga, Institute for Systems Biology

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Spotlight on Education

Introducing the PhD class of 2015!

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Facilities & Resources

Aquarius Robot Spotlight

The Aquarius Robot facilitates high-throughput screening. Read More


  • Kussell lab publishes in Current Biology

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  • Ghedin lab publish flu strain diversity in Nature Genetics

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  • Rockman Lab receives award for Diatom Research

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  • Vogel lab deciphers dynamics of protein expression

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  • Purugganan lab reveals new aspects of dynamic gene expression

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People Past and Present

Claude Desplan
Claude Desplan


"Deciphering the neural patterning mechanisms underlying color vision in Drosophila."

Meet Dr. Desplan

Video Spotlight

Endless Possibilities: The Campaign for The Center for Genomics and Systems Biology

Faculty from the Center for Genomics and Systems Biology describe the new home of the center at New York University and the research possibilities. Read More