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Biology Undergrads Get Published

Two undergraduate researchers and an Intel competition-winning high school student join three Biology faculty on recent PNAS paper. Read More

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CGSB Lobby

The Biology Department's Center for Genomics and Systems Biology expanded into its brand new building in the Spring of 2011. Read More


  • PhD student, Afroditi Petsakou discovered that this plasticity is regulated by rhythmic transcription of Pura, a Rho1 GEF.

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  • The post-doctoral fellow Gustavo M. Silva received a NIH K99/R00 “Pathway to Independence Award” to study the roles of protein ubiquitination in response to environmental stress.

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  • Genomic insights into the evolution of animal development

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  • Populations adapt to fluctuating selection using derived and ancestral allelic diversity

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  • Some cells initiate motility, counter-intuitively, by retracting the rear, rather than protruding the front, but details of this process remained obscure. Joint work of Mogilner and Theriot labs shows that this symmetry breaking process is based on coupling of two mechanical pathways - actin flow accumulating myosin at the rear generating further flow, and faster flow switching adhesions from gripping ...

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Stephen J. Small


"Studying the molecules that transform fertilized eggs into complex animals that can fly."

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Kris Gunsalus talks about her latest Cell paper on gene networks in a complex tissue

High-content screening for gene profiling has generally been limited to single cells. Here, we explore an alternative approach—profiling gene function by analyzing effects of gene knockdowns on the architecture of a complex tissue in a multicellular organism. Read More